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Torres del Paine National Park was declared in 2013 as the Eighth Wonder of the World and a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. In Chile it is one of the great tourist attractions and within the Torres del Paine Park and its trekking circuit system, the Base Torres trail is one of the busiest.

Its visitors exceed 260 thousand annually, and the daily traffic together with various climatic factors have caused a significant degree of erosion and deterioration. To prevent the increase in erosion of the Base Torres Trail, protect visitors and conserve the park, two NGOs, AMA Torres del Paine and Torres del Paine Legacy Fund have organized, together with a series of sponsors and collaborators, a campaign that already has brought together various actors.

“Tu Mejor Huella” (or Your Best Footprint in English) seeks to contribute to the conservation of Torres del Paine National Park, improve the experience and take care of the visitor, raise awareness about the importance of mountain trails in the National Parks of Chile, and achieve a public-private collaboration.

Fischer y Cía supports this initiative, and invites to learn more about it and participate by entering its website.

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