Measures to comply with tax obligations

Yesterday, November 2nd, the last session of the cycle of meetings held by the Treasury with the different political parties was held, with the aim of achieving consensus to reactivate the so-called “Tax Pact”. On this occasion, the Government presented a draft with 12 principles for a modern tax system, along with a total of 27 measures focused on compliance with tax obligations.

These measures are added to the 11 presented in relation to the modernization of the State, and the 30 on growth and investment. In this way, it seeks to reach agreements prior to the reactivation of the legislative discussion.

The breakdown of these 27 measures is as follows:

– Eight are related to the modernization of the tax administration and the Tax and Customs Courts (TTA);
– Eleven proposals are on tax justice and equity;
– Six seek to strengthen the Taxpayer Ombudsman’s Office (Dedecon), and
– There would be two bills, one to increase compliance with tax obligations with a focus on combating informality and the other establishing a series of incentives to regularize situations of tax non-compliance, applicable on a single occasion and in a limited period. Regarding this last point, these situations could arise in relation to capital abroad, operations that would have had to pay taxes.

Finally, it was stipulated that, once the comments on this draft and the growth promotion draft had been collected, a consolidated document with the pertinent changes would be sent to the participants. Likewise, the Treasury declared that it hopes to have other inputs for the discussion, such as the study of the OECD budget group, referring to the dividend of spending efficiency, and the study of the Committee of Experts, on the dividend of boosting growth. 

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