Alex Fischer highlights the importance of the structuring the mining royalty

Today, our partner comments in Diario Financiero and La Segunda newspapers that “the most important thing for Chile is that the mining royalty be well structured.” He assures that many details are missing that will be known when the text is published, but for now, it is unfortunate that the project has a poor structure, with a relevant component on gross income, which discourages investment and responds to populist rhetoric. He also points out that it is discriminatory, because it treats all projects in an equivalent manner, without recognizing the substantive differences between them and that he expects the Congress modifies  this structure, and focus the collection exclusively on the operational profitability component.

Finally, he comments that the project makes mining investment more risky. In addition, it does not incorporate tax stability instruments, which are essential to generate long-term investment in a country that has shown considerable rules´ instability in the last 10 years.

Read the article at Diario Fiannciero. Read the article at La Segunda.

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