Affidavits tax year 2024: Most significant changes 

On August 31st, the Chilean Internal Revenue Service published a series of resolutions that modified and/or complemented existing rules and procedures, all effective beginning in tax year 2024. 

Following, we present a summary of the most important changes regarding the Affidavits (DDJJ, for its initials in Spanish) indicated. Each of the Resolutions comes with its respective link for further analysis and review of the new annexes, formats and/or instructions. 

Affidavit ResolutionModification Summary 
1890Annual Sworn Statement on Interest or Other Income from Deposits and Fundraising Operations of Any Nature in Banks, the Central Bank of Chile and Financial Institutions not Subject to the Regulations of articles 42 bis and 57 bis in force until 12.31.2016 of the Income Tax Law 92/2023Format, instructions and certificate Change in scope of taxpayers required to declare (clarification), now banks, the Central Bank of Chile, financial institutions, savings and credit cooperatives and any institution that carries out fundraising operations of any nature must declare the affidavit for real interest or other income generated by their collection instruments. Before, it corresponded to banks, the Central Bank of Chile, financial institutions, savings cooperatives and any similar institution that carries out deposit operations. 
1887Annual sworn declaration on income of art. 42 No. 1 (salaries), other components of remuneration and withholdings of the single second tax 
category of the Income Law 
93/2023Format and instructions The question of expectation of application of the new Law of 40 weekly hours (Law 21,561) is incorporated. In turn, per worker, it will be necessary to report weekly agreed hours according to the employment contract by 12.31. If Art. 22 is applied, “99” must be indicated. 
1945Annual Affidavit on income, disbursements and other records of Non-Profit Organizations 94/2023Format and instructions The scope of NPOs that the affidavit must declare is expanded by lowering the level of income from which organizations are obliged to declare, it goes from 12,000 UF to 4,000 UF. Additionally, in the case of organizations under letter C) of Article 46 A, contained in Title VIII Bis of D.L. No. 3063 of 1979, who receive donations from abroad that exceed USD 10,000 or who provide humanitarian aid in foreign countries, will be obliged to present this affidavit. 
1956Annual sworn declaration on donations reported to the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage, the Ministry of Finance and the Technical Secretariat. 95/2023An affidavit is created The affidavit is created, which must be submitted by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, the Ministry of Finance and the Technical Secretariat (depending on the Undersecretary of Finance), provided that during the previous business year they have received information on donations made under the regulations of Title VIII bis of Decree Law No. 3,063, on municipal revenues of Laws No. 21,440 or No. 20,444 or article 8 of Law No. 18,985, replaced by Law No. 20,675, as appropriate. 
1929Annual affidavit on operations abroad 96/2023Format and instructions Now the complete domicile (not only the country) of the investment or operation abroad must be reported. 
1946Annual Sworn Statement on operations in Chile 96/2023Format and instructions New codes for type of income are incorporated: 15 «Business profits obtained from activities carried out outside of Chile, which can only be taxed abroad by application of agreements to avoid double taxation», 16 «Business profits obtained from activities carried out in Chile, that can only be taxed abroad by application of agreements to avoid double taxation” and 17 “Income other than business profits, that can only be taxed abroad by application of agreements to avoid double taxation”. Code 3 “Income that can only be taxed abroad, due to the application of an agreement to avoid double taxation” is eliminated. 
1835Annual sworn statement on leased real estate. 98/2023Format and instructions The scope of taxpayers who must declare the affidavit is expanded by eliminating the limitation on regulatory bases from a certain tax appraisal value (30-50 million), being obligated regardless of the value: IDPC taxpayers, professional society, companies of the Pro SMEs Transparente regime, who rent for the purposes of developing art activities. 20 of the LIR, NPOs, higher level educational entities, public bodies, and services. 

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